Grangemouth 'OO' Gauge

This model is a replica of Grangemouth Station reduced in size to fit the clubrooms.  It is based around the the time of the amagamation of LMS into British Rail. The stock is very mixed as a result of this with some engines still in LMS colours and some in early BR. Timber and oil trains can be seen heading down to the docks while passengers can still catch a train to Falkirk or Glasgow from the terminus station.  The engine sheds are also featured here and have been scratch built as have all the signal gantries. 

Our pictures shown below were all taken by Mike Bisset/Hornby Magazine .    

Click here to see a video of a drivers eye view of the whole layout in its former size before the recent alterations were completed. (including behind the scenes now altered)  Filmed at Model Rail Scotland 2012.


This layout is currently available as alterations to the fiddleyard for increased running has now been completed. 

Constructed: 2009/11
Gauge: OO

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