Fleckenkirk 'N' Gauge

Our continental layout has two running tracks and a shuttle service on the lower level with two further running tracks linking both the lower level with the upper level via a spiral tunnel buried within the mountainside.  There is also a rack & pinion railway whick links the Main Station with the Upper Level Station direct.  The Main Station has been altered and now has an added section which houses a bus and the rack railway interchange.  (not currently shown in our pictures 7 and 10 of 10 below) also a few other changes have now been carried out due to damage to the layout.

The second double track climbs up a ramp behind the town to the upper level by way of tunnels and bridges before crossing a high level bridge and passing an international army camp before turning round behind the backscene.

Pictures by Arran Aird.


This layout is currently available. 

Constructed: 2009/11
Gauge: N

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